A digital platform curated by young people, for young people

a digital platform curated by young people, for young people

This isn’t for you it is for them
Photographer Anna Cunningham shares work from her latest and ongoing project. The work is a personal exploration around not conforming, and expresses frustration, reassurance and comfort.
Theatre Review: Wuthering Heights
The third play under the Wise Children theatre company demonstrates the company’s excellence – but how successful is the transition to stage for this revered gothic literary work?
Know yourself, know your strength
Project ZAZI is a space for young black people and people of colour to explore themes like identity and culture, and how these play out in life, especially around wellbeing.
Mya-Rose Craig’s call to arms for climate justice
Mya-Rose Craig aka Birdgirl explains how her new book highlights the voices of indigenous people and people of colour in the run up to COP26
Creativity is born of boredom and nurtured by restriction
This is the story of De Anima: a new creative media platform for fellow artists to perform and pontificate while beginning the process of gathering a community and audience.
Shiiku Fest
Shiiku Collective bring the vibes this weekend in the form of a mini festival bursting with creativity at Propyard, Feeder Road

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