NEWS: Vanguard Bristol's Street Art exhibition to showcase a history of grafitti


From the 26th of June until the 31st of October come and discover Vanguard: Bristol Street Art: The Evolution of a Global Movement at the M Shed, an exhibition exploring the instrumental role of Bristol’s creatives in the development of British street art.

From Bristol’s pioneering past, to a global phenomenon; Vanguard explore the journey of graffiti culture through Britain’s turbulent social and political history.

Discover the evolving discipline of art on the streets, through practice, technique and context, as well as the booming infrastructure that has since grown around the movement.

As vandals became visionaries, we celebrate the creatives in Bristol and beyond who did it on their own terms. Both dividing and uniting audiences, are the generations that continue to push culture forward, this summer, we celebrate the Vanguard.”

M Shed, Bristol

24th June to 31st October