SPOTLIGHT: 4k.phtgrphy

Photographer Omar Powel (of 4k.phtgrphy) shares the vibrant art that can be found decorating the streets of Bristol, if you know where to look…

Bear Pit Underpass,  East Entrance

I see this mural and it makes me feel like going scuba diving and exploring the underwater sea life and nature.

BabaGanoush Kitchen & Jerusalem Falafel, Newfoundland Road, St Pauls 

This mural makes me feel happy and also hungry…

Newfoundland Rd, St Pauls

Would you go fishing if you could hear fish cry with pain? Sometimes a picture or mural isn’t needed.

M32 Skate Park, Eastville

With going into lockdown last year the poster on the left portrays a happier, more relaxing place than the world we found ourselves in.

Nelson St, City Centre

When I see this one I think of a wolf or dog that has had one too many happy pills.

Grosvenor Road, St Pauls

A tagged wall doesn’t look the the prettiest and things can get lost when more than a few people tag the same spot.

Dicky’s Barbershop, Brigstocke Road, St Pauls

The male character has the blissful look of a man listening to his latest Spotify Wellbeing playlist.

BabaGanoush Kitchen & Jerusalem Falafel, Newfoundland Road, St Pauls 

Another happy and reassuring mural that breathes confidence to the community and also people who just come to visit.

City Phone, City Road, St Pauls

This mural makes me think of an old Nokia 3310 I had. I’m also loving the wordplay.

Ashton  Road, Ashton Gate

This mural is a sort of modernised version of a religious theme. I feel that it may offend some, but for others football is a religion.

Grosvenor Road, St Pauls

This piece reminds me of the Jamaican women in my community, strong, proud and colourful.

This mural reminds me of an angel. It makes me feel a bit creeped out though because of the look on her face.