NEWS: Freestyle Bristol makes headlines!

We are so excited to be featured in both The BBC and The Bristol Cable this month.

Words: Azélie Bourassa

Our MD  Delroy Hibbert wrote an article for The Bristol Cable explaining why the current punishment-based approach to tackling youth crime is dangerous, ineffective and incredibly expensive. Delroy, who has previously been a youth worker in St Pauls, speaks about the frustration of resources being mobilised only after violent crime has taken place. Not only is this too late for the victim and their family, but also for the young person who perpetrated the crime, made worse by high reoffending rates after becoming involved with the criminal justice system. 

You can read more here


Freestyle Bristol’s team members Omar, Louise and Azelie also spoke to The BBC journalist Fatima Hudoon, about how working with Freestyle Bristol helps young people impacted by Covid-19 to increase their opportunities.

Read what they have to say here




Big thanks to Matty Edwards & Alon Aviram @ The Bristol Cable and Fatima Hudoon @ The BBC for bringing what we do to a wider audience.