PLAYLISTS: Introducing Freestyle Finds

Introducing Freestyle Finds: a monthly Spotify playlist brought to you by the Sounds team at the heart of Freestyle Bristol HQ.

Words: Cem Topuz

Everyone has an interest in music, right? Here at Freestyle Bristol we certainly do and whatever we’re doing, the music we listen to plays an important part in making life more fulfilling!

Sampa the Great (Credit: The Guardian)

Mr Dukes & Barney Artist

At Freestyle Bristol we have decided to branch out with the way we promote what we love and use other methods of beginning culture to your attention. We have some surprises coming up but first let me introduce you to Freestyle Finds our Spotify monthly playlist.

We’ve spent the last few weeks carefully curating a blend of new(ish) tracks from the internationally known to the Bristol underground. The idea being that we find the new releases that stood out amongst the pile for us and share them with you.

Solo Jane

If you want to give us a heads up on tracks you’re releasing or listening to, let us know at We also welcome suggestions to look out for! 

But first up here’s our latest selections for your souls, We have included tracks from Little Simz, Westside Gunz, Solo Jane & more. If you like what you hear please like the playlist, follow our page for more and share with your friends.