GALLERY: Libby Smith captures the raw emotion of the rave

Words & Images: Libby Smith @myfavouritedays

I decided to pursue documenting rave culture just over two years ago, aiming to capture the beautiful beings that come together to rave, love and forget about the harshness of the world.

The collection of images that I have shared are all within the bounds of Bristol, which include Trinity, Highrise, The Full Moon, and even a few Feeder Road free parties. I wanted to focus on the crowd, capturing the raw emotion that is felt throughout the rave as the music flows. Especially right now, where the scene struggles to pull through the lockdowns and Covid restrictions.

None of these photos have any particular technique or back story, they are simply images taken in the split second of seeing an emotion, a movement or something I thought would be a memory for me. I see it as documenting my youth and the subculture I was a part of, and so this consists of a basic point and shoot method.

I haven’t always been into photographing raves, but combining my two greatest passions was the best thing I ever did, and I named myself @myfavouritedays, after finding  that my best memories were those in the dance, and something I will forever cherish.

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