Mystery surrounds appearance of DJ Del at Downing Street

We reveal the insights from an exclusive report leaked by MI5, Pravda and Chat magazine. 


J. Rees-Mogg

It’s been reported that the model, actor and occasional MD of Freestyle Bristol was seen this morning leaving Downing St in the early hours of June 2020 carrying a ministerial bag containing four cans of Thatchers Haze and some blue Rizla papers after a long all night meeting with the PM.

Delroy sometimes known as DJ Del was accompanied by Nigel Farage who he appeared to be shielding with the ex-Brexit Party leader said to be smoking an overly pungent roll up and looking tired and emotional.

DJ Del

Image: Ty the Camera @BadManTyOfficial

Sources from number 10 have insisted that they were attending a work event and reports of loud 90’s hip hop and shouts of ‘rewind’ are false and that no party took place in line with Government Covid guidelines. 

The PM has since issued a statement claiming the DJ Del was a long time adviser to Sajid Javid and had been working with him since they were both young men growing up in Easton. 

Social butterfly DJ Del down with the Ladeez

Image: A&S Constabulary Helicopter Division @PigsMightFly

Little is known about DJ Del beyond his career as a model for one of North Bristol’s biggest leisure brands the BRFC group and his much in-demand acting career in Bristol’s underground Hip Hop scene but it is believed he also works with young people and was once believed to be quite the party animal until his knees started playing up and he lost his ability to stay awake after midnight. 

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Image: Exclsuive Photografurs of  Bristol @SnappySnaps

When asked for a statement ex-PM Boris Johnson said ‘Nah fam, you can’t bait man out like this cos my DM’s are going to be wildin’

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