NEWS: De Anima 10, The Crofters Rights

De Anima Productions presents its 10th live music event to celebrate its year-long residency at the Crofters Rights with Jodie Mellor, Euan Morris and a full band.

De Anima Productions presents its 10th live music event, one year after its conception at the August 2021 launch party. The year has seen an incredibly impressive and diverse roster of performers gracing its stage; compiling a series of unforgettable shows; captured, presented and celebrated by De Anima.

The 10th event signifies the end of a year-long residency at the Crofters Rights which has been the stomping ground for De Anima’s first year building and collaborating with the incomparable musical scene of Bristol.

Photo: De Anima Live 4, captured by Rhys Rysia

The idea and execution for De Anima’s existence came about when founder and Creative Director Miguel Brooking (@miguelbrooking) utilised COVID’s restrictions to enflame his creativity, responding with a rapture of music and performance that would operate as a vehicle for future projects while being a source of inspiration in the here and now. With his soul quite literally emblazoned on the logo (De Anima derived from the Latin: ‘Of the Soul’) He began assembling De Anima 1 for the moment we were allowed to reconnect with one another. You can read his first blog post on the creation of De Anima here.

DA10 will mark 26 artists having graced the stage and just like each of its 9 prequels: this one will pull no punches. In a celebration of local talent we welcome Jodie Mellor and Euan Morris with full band.

Euan Morris


Making waves across the city of Bristol, soon to be rippling throughout the rest of the UK and beyond, singer-songwriter Euan Morris brings his band for a second time after a blazing De Anima Live debut in August. This time he’s headlining. And this time you can’t miss it.

Instagram @Euan.Morriss

Jodie Mellor


As a self-proclaimed ‘professional bedroom singer’, Jodie has personally dazzled the likes of pop sensations Dua Lipa, Halsey, Little Mix and Anne-Marie with her stripped back covers, amassing over 7 million views. With support from MTV, Glamour, BBC Introducing and Hotel Chocolat stores worldwide, her diverse vocal tones and journal entry songwriting make for the ultimate bedroom pop, with hints of genre nostalgia.

Instagram @jodiemellorr

Miguel Brooking


Honing his songwriting craft privately over the last couple of decades, Miguel shares his intimate musical creations with echoes of country, soul and blues influence. Louisa Cohen joins Miguel on stage weaving ethereal vocals into the story; splashing vibrant, hypnotic colours onto the performance. One of Miguel’s last UK performances before embarking on a conquest of the Southern Hemisphere.

Instagram @migmusic_

Set to be an evening of musical celebration and inspiration –  tickets to De Anima Live 10 are available on Headfirst right now. Grab your tickets while you can and see you there!

Early birds: £6
First release: £7
Second Release: £8