NEWS: Hip Hop Coffee Shop, Boston Tea Party, Cheltenham Road

Put down the mobiles and pick up your mics! Yep our friends at Hip Hop Coffee Shop are back once again like the renegade masters to welcome you to round 16 of their freestyle fellowship.

Words: Delroy Hibbert

It’s the 16th occasion for what has become a firm favourite of Bristol’s nightlife. This time around they will be bringing you their most diverse line up to date, let me introduce the contenders for the show.

Freestylers getting busy at a previous event

Image: HHCC

Straight outta Newcastle Holly Flo Lightly will be headlining her first Hip Hop Coffee Shop. Featured on a new release by Beyonders on the Metalheadz label and a Sektion Red regular, this will surely be a unique set, exclusively at the coffee shop.

Next up to the plate we have the rapper, poet and writer  Brotherman. His thoughtful lyrics, married with his warm tones make Brotherman a contemporary social commentator with a refreshing outlook. 

Check out his flow below

As well as these special guests the regular Bristol heads will be on stage including Bristol goodness –  Madly with her Neo-soul, Nu jazz/hip hop sounds, J Dart with his debut solo set, tying up nicely with an open mic hour hosted by Coffee Shop Regular Mr Fitz.

Special mention goes out to Vice beats, as well as exclusive HHCS merchandise and Hip Hop pancakes, supplied by Cheeky Pancakes

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Video from the previous event Here