REVIEW: Fumez The Engineer launches Platinum, Lakota

Bristol’s newest club night Platinum showcased the sounds of drill & hip hop at Lakota with a guest appearance from Fumez The Engineer

Words & Images: Libby Smith, @myfavouritedays

With anticipation, I ventured down to the one and only Lakota, to represent the Freestyle family at the venue’s newest club night.

Lakota may be known for its high energy raves that have been booming since the 90’s but they have always been eclectic. Platinum, a new event that showcased rappers and DJs perfectly blended the Bristol and London rap scene into a heavy night of intense beats and bars.

Fumez The Engineer


Headlining was Fumez the Engineer, a pioneer of the modern UK drill scene. Being both an incredible audio engineer and rapper, Fumez has been able to rapidly climb his way to the top. Many of his songs have over 30,000,000 streams on Spotify, as well as 3,000,000 monthly listeners.

Having collaborated with huge names such as Ed Sheeran, Central Cee and Russ Millions, it was easy to see why the room was heaving with people rapping every word. The energy was high from start to finish as Fumez kept everyone hyped up and holding onto his every word, including me!

Chloe Sage

Before Fumez took to the stage and shook the room, Chloe Sage also stepped up to the decks to warm everyone up for the night ahead. Her impeccable selections of UK drill, hip hop and old school classics helped bring a mix of vibes that catered to all tastes and ages. All with a huge smile on her face that lit up the room.

Overall, if this music is your kind of thing, this is not one to be missed. The performances brought a new amazing vibe to Lakota that is certainly lacking in Bristol. It was clear from the people in the crowd that this is going to only get bigger.

Fumez The Engineer

Latest single: Plugged In Season Finale 2 out now


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