PLAYLISTS: Freestyle Finds #018

Freestyle Finds is a carefully curated a blend of the latest tracks from the internationally known to the Bristol underground. We find the new releases that stood out amongst the pile for us and share them with you.

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Shout out to all the artists getting prolific this spring (I’m not talking about the bedroom) making so much new music that we can say with certainty that Freestyle Finds #018 is the bomb! This month has been a joy as we have been blessed by a deluge of creativity from local favourites, plus Uk & worldwide acts.

In the mix for February are Jay0117 spitting bars on Prime Time. Big love goes out to Asher Simmons for his new single For Your Love which he’ll be performing at our fundraiser at The Plough, Easton on March 18th. 

Slix from Ramp Up drops his new EP The Pennywise, it’s a drum & bass banger inspired by classic horror films. Also based in the city is the ace of bass Marla Kether, who has taken time from being a session musician for the likes of Oscar Jerome and Yasmin Lacey to front her own dance production Revolve and long may she continue to do so.

Next up is a track from Frilla another from the Lucky House clique and I have to say this is the first time in a while that I’ve listened to a track three times in succession at the first listen for a while. Read Your Mind is easily my favourite track of the month and I don’t say that often so please check it out. 

Special shout to K*ners, the hardest working MC with a collaboration with Klashnekoff Hectic (Remix) and one from his boy JM Stay With Me from the recent K-Star Mixtape. 

Mentions also go out to Solo Jane, Oddisee, Carasel, Young Fathers and ShaSimone for spicing up the playlist with great tracks. That’s all folks, see you next month!