NEWS: Fiasco Design offers Open Internship Programme

Following the success of the inaugural Open Internship Programme in 2022, Fiasco Design are once again opening their doors to the designers of the future.

Words & Image: Nathalie Crease


Fiasco Design was set up in 2010 when founders, Ben Steers and Jason Smith came together through a shared belief in the positive power of creativity. Today, the 15-strong team works out of our Bristol studio, where we partner with brands of all sizes, around the world.

Our organisation is now accepting applications for our Open Internship programme for the second year, which aims to make the design industry more accessible for those from underrepresented backgrounds.

Fiasco Design’s Open Internship programme looks to set a precedent for the way design internships can be made more inclusive for emerging creatives. The hope is to encourage people of all walks to life and especially underrepresented groups to apply, by actively removing some of the usual barriers:

  • No CV or “previous agency experience necessary”.
  • Fully (and fairly) paid. 
  • Travel and accommodation covered. 

It’s no secret that there’s a diversity problem in design. The UK’s design workforce is made up from a small section of society that fails to reflect the world we live in. Despite increased awareness around the topic of inclusivity, statistics from Design Can and the Design Council suggest that this is slow to translate to real change.

As an industry that thrives on creative innovation and diversity of thought, there is a need to think pragmatically about what can be done to tackle the problem head on and bring about real, tangible change. Fiasco’s wider ambition is to inspire others to find similar opportunities that help level the playing field and make our industry a more exciting place to be.

As a studio we have a deeply held belief in the positive power of creativity. By thinking creatively, we can find solutions to the problem of diversity in the industry. Progress may be slow, but it is possible. It starts by challenging ourselves to do better.

Nathalie Crease is Head of Marketing at Fiasco Design.  

Fiasco Design’s Open Internship programme is now accepting applications. You can find more information and how to apply via: