REVIEW: Joe Valek, Love Saves The Day

Join Joe Valek’s at Love Saves The Day 2023, as he speaks to artists, supporters and festival goers trying to find out the secret to long lasting love, amongst other things.

Words: Joe Valek, @joevalek

Camera: Katya Roussop, @katya.roussop 

Image: Joe Valek, @joevalek;Katya Roussop, @katya.roussop; Inaz Hussein, @inaz.artpage 

Day One was hot and sunny from the get go. After chatting to some first timer Love Saves The Day goers, Joe bumped into rising drum and bass star Anaïs who was a ball of energy as always. Love the dance moves. 

Wandering around near the iconic Love Saves The Day sign, Joe stumbled upon Dominique from LoveSpecs, an NGO supporting orphanages in Malawi through selling diffraction sunglasses. An essential purchase that didn’t leave Joe’s face for the rest of the weekend. 

A quick trip back to the press area to drop off Joe’s original glasses led to a good chat with Arthur, leader of samba reggae drumming group Batala Bristol. Arthur would certainly make for good company on a long car journey; that man must have some great stories. 

Next on the hit list was Dutchie, a local legend in the Bristol 140 scene and highly skilled sound engineer. Modest is a good way to describe Dutchie as she calmly explained how despite her experience, she doesn’t always get the respect she deserves.

After a pit stop and chin-wag with Ed, founder of Born Sloppy Presents, Joe was accosted by three bouncy girls; Ali, Caitlin and Zoe. This interaction was nothing but entertaining. Rest assured, Ali, you definitely were not “so embarrassing”. 

Back in the thick of it, Joe’s now the one doing some accousting. Marla Kether, on the way to eat some much needed scran after a big set, was first. Recently back from touring with Loyle Carner, this Bristol icon and budding producer has flair-to-the-max. 

Final chat of Day One was with the one and only Sir Hiss. Taking time before his B2B with Sicaria, Sir Hiss gave us an insight into his ever developing sound and explained why tuna steak has such a special place in his heart. 

Watch the full video now to see it for yourself!

Joe Valek is a radio presenter & interviewer, you can subscribe to and follow his more of his on YouTube