REVIEW: Meridia, Wake The Tiger

Meridia opened at Wake the Tiger for an extra special event that celebrated the Summer Solstice and welcomed all those, near and far, to explore their streets.

Words and Images: Libby Smith, @myfavouritedays

The ‘amazement park’ known as Wake the Tiger has rapidly made a name for itself for being a magical interactive maze created by those who built Boomtown Festival, and despite only opening last year, they have already gained quite the following, making their solstice party full of great people and vibrant energy.

“Once a year, Meridians gather from far and wide, coming together for when Sundust is at its most powerful. Through collective dance, we embrace it’s radiance which ignites our transformation into our most exquisite self for one magical night”

Despite keeping tabs on the event leading up to this night, I still wasn’t completely sure what I was walking into. I had been to Wake the Tiger once during their first few weeks of opening and had an incredible experience that enlightened all the senses. However, I knew that they had been working hard to make the Sundust celebration extra special to all that came.

(L-R) Queen of Pom Poms, Malavita

As soon as I arrived, I was greeted by talented DJs, intriguing walkabout performers, great food and drinks as well as a generally magical feeling floating through the air. The variety of things to see and explore made the night an incredibly immersive and inclusive experience that left a constant smile on my face.

I was amazed by the pure skill of all the dancers throughout the event. From Anna Frost’s mind blowing pole dancing routine, to the neverending fun provided by the Bristol Drag Collective and the Bristol Ballroom Community. The entire space felt so positive and safe for everyone, particularly those in the LGBTQIA+ community, and truly had way better energy than most events I’ve been to recently.

The music varied across the evening, from Drum and Bass to Latin Funk, yet it never failed to make the audience let loose. It really did remind me of Boomtown Festival and its ability to cater to all music lovers and keep the vibes high. Everyone that I met in Meridia was glowing with excitement and happiness, which is exactly what Sundust is about, not to mention all the incredible outfits inspired by the dress code ‘Energise and Shine’.

Overall, the night was a beautiful celebration of light, life and love in Meridia, and I left with a full heart and Sundust in my veins. If you haven’t explored Wake The Tiger yet, it is certainly not to be missed and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for any of their special events in the future.

Libby Smith is a freelance photographer & writer with the Freestyle Bristol team and the in-house photographer for @justbehq You can find more of her work on TikTok & Instagram

Tickets for Wake The Tiger are available here