NEWS: ACS Custom Announce Sponsorship of The 4 Pillars

Ear protection specialists ACS Custom are proud to announce their support and sponsorship of 4 Pillars Bristol. As well as making top of the range hearing protection for musicians and gig-goers, ACS also raises awareness about the importance of hearing health in loud music environments. We are thrilled to have their support for our event.

Words: Delroy Hibbert, @crossingthedanny

Images: ACS Custom, @acscustom

We are pleased to welcome on board ACS Custom, the leading supplier and manufacturer of bespoke custom fit moulded soft silicone earplugs and in-ear monitors as our main sponsor for The 4 Pillars Bristol event on 12th August .

ACS custom fit PRO Series earplugs

If you are a club DJ, musician or gig goer you will be aware that your ears and good hearing are crucial assets that can become damaged through exposure to loud sound levels for long periods of time. This damage can become permanent even over short periods of time.

This is why it’s important to protect them while also preserving music fidelity. Feel the music, feel the bass, maintain communication with your friends and extend your safe exposure time in loud music environments. With plenty of bass planned for our daytime event and after party we could not have asked for a better partnership!

Jono Heale, Director at ACS Custom said “Events like these are crucial to the local and wider community especially in celebrating the anniversary of Hip Hop together with unique aspects of Bristol’s culture and music scene. 

ACS prides itself in its music industry and event partnerships globally. Maintaining great relationships at all levels is a fundamental part of life and our involvement is no different. Plus this is an opportunity to give something back and help protect music lovers’ ears so they can Play Safe Today…and still Hear Tomorrow.”

For those of you looking for hearing protection on a lower budget ACS have recently released their latest product, the ACS Pacato 16 Universal Earplugs one of the best universal high-fidelity earplugs on the market, designed to let you fully enjoy every beat and melody while protecting your hearing.

With their precision-engineered 16db reduction filters, the Pacato 16 earplugs provide clear and balanced sound reduction across all frequencies, ensuring a natural listening experience. Whether you’re at a concert, festival, or jamming to your favourite tunes, these earplugs allow you to immerse yourself in the music without compromising on quality.


What’s even better? The Pacato 16 earplugs are incredibly affordable at just £10 a pair. We believe that protecting your hearing when you need it most shouldn’t break the bank. With Pacato 16, you get premium-quality earplugs at an accessible price, so you can prioritise both your love for music and your long-term hearing health.

Enhance your music experience this summer while safeguarding your ears. Get your pair of Pacato 16 Universal Earplugs today. It’s time to feel the music like never before!

For more information on how you can play safe now and and hear tomorrow visit the ACS website here. If you are a student, music-based or otherwise, you can get a 20% DISCOUNT on custom hearing protection and custom in-ear monitors.*

Call 01295 266 665 or email with your NUS/Student College number to receive a discount code to use when ordering from the ACS webshop.

*Terms and Conditions apply. 20% discount does not apply to accessories, universal fit hearing protection and universal in-ear monitors, other non-music related custom products or the Ambient Live Belt Pack. Discount is available in the UK only to full time students. Proof of NUS membership or college/university enrolment required.