NEWS: Romain Virgo, Lost Horizon

Romain Virgo, a rising star in reggae music announces a UK tour this October, visiting Lost Horizon in Bristol with a full live band.

Images: Brick, @bricklondon

Romain Virgo is one of Reggae’s foremost crooners. The artist’s lyrical and sonic style is suited to the tastes of music lovers who relish a great love story being told. Fans have described his audio swagger as ‘Marvin Gaye with a Reggae / Dancehall vibe.’ 

Having performed an incredible set at the ‘Reggae Sumfest’ festival in Jamaica earlier this year, he now brings that world-class energy, live reggae, and lovers rock to the UK.

Born in a small district called Stepney in the parish of St. Ann, Romain Virgo was raised in a Christian family who made singing a central theme in their home. Singing together each Saturday night and recording their voices on cassettes allowed them to play the recording back on Sunday morning for their church audience. Several church members took notice. 

“I never took it seriously,” he reflected, “I said it is just people in the community that want to build my confidence. When I was about 10, I had the microphone, and I was singing “Amazing Grace” in the church because I liked the sound of the echo there, and everybody was saying whoa, you can really sing. That is when I started to take it seriously.”

Romain has released three albums to date; Romain Virgo (2010), The System (2012), and Love Sick (2018), as well as numerous singles, including his hits Soul Provider, Stronger, Good Woman, and Star Across The Sky.

His most recent single, ‘Driver’, sharpens Romain’s lover’s rock sound with a modern edge. Romain bears his soul across the track; his voice soars to new heights, packing tender romance and sensual flair into smooth melodies.

Tickets for his upcoming show at Lost Horizon are available here.