REVIEW: Hoptoberfest, Propyard

Hoptoberfest at Propyard featured a weekend of beer, oompah bands & celebrity DJ’s

Words: Del Hibbert

Images: Del Hibbert, & Khris Cowley, @wearehereandnow

It’s a freezing Saturday night and unfortunately I’m rocking a heavy cold as I make my way down to the venue in an Uber. I couldn’t be wrapped up more but on arrival I’m glad that I am as the temperature in Propyard matches outside.

Inside Hoptoberfest however I’m glad to see that not everyone is as temperature shy as me and the tables and surrounding areas are already packed and people are generally enjoying themselves.

Image: Khris Cowley, @wearehereandnow

There is an abundance of hardy souls in traditional lederhosen and dirndl’s for the occasion (respect for anyone choosing to wear short trousers on a night like this!) and the beers are in full flow. On stage an Oompah band is entertaining the crowd and plays a couple of sets back to back with a DJ.

As well as beers from the independent breweries like Jubel, Electric Bear and Fierce & Nobel and music there is the usual food trucks and a new offering in the shape of a whole room of boules based games to play. I will at this point have to point out that unfortunately I will never represent my country at Boules as it turns out I’m terrible. Amongst my group I come out in last place and retire defeated.

Image: Del Hibbert, @crossingthedanny

We retire back to the main room and are greeted by another set from the Oompah Band who definitely know how to get the crowd going by giving us covers of Sweet Caroline and other favourites.

Soon after we are treated to the promised DJ set The Idles and the now warmed up crowd stays on the dancefloor. People are pissed but happy with the night although I did get a few grumbles about the £35 cost of tickets but there appears to be plenty staggering around at the end of the night who have happily got their money’s worth. There are definitely going to be some sore heads in the morning!