REVIEW: Moonfrost, Wake the Tiger

Moonfrost at Wake the Tiger brought a winter wonderland of amazement and entertainment to the land of Meridia.

Words & Images: Libby Smith, @myfavouritedays

As the evenings gradually get longer and colder, it is getting more and more difficult to find the motivation to go out and make memories like I did throughout the summer, but this certainly isn’t the case for the citizens of Meridia, who spent last Friday celebrating the change in season with their new annual Moonfrost party.

Located in Saint Phillips, Wake the Tiger is an incredibly immersive walkthrough experience that is open all year round and encourages people to explore the world of Meridia and all it has to offer.

However, the Moonfrost celebrations were an extra special occasion, and the venue opened their doors to those far and wide to dance, eat, drink and be merry. Similar to their summer solstice event, Sundust, they invited DJs, bands and various performers to create the perfect balance between dancing, having fun and becoming immersed in the story.

As soon as I set foot into the event, I was immediately dazzled by everyone’s commitment to the dress code: Ice and Frost, and I was suddenly surrounded by ice kings and queens (and a few Santas) who helped shape the venue into a winter wonderland.

With the costumes being so good, it was genuinely hard to tell who were the walkabout performers at some points, although it became quite clear once you explored the venue and saw various meridian characters sharing stories, playing games and interacting with those who came to celebrate with them. 

Much like Sundust, the Meridians were very approachable and fun, and it truly heightened the entire experience and made it so much more than just a live music event.

Despite the event being unsurprisingly sold out, it did not feel overcrowded at any point which was refreshing. With the event being spread throughout the entire venue, there was room to dance, walk around, eat and simply explore the sensory wonderland that is Wake the Tiger. Although of course it did pick up later on in the night, with DJs effortlessly keeping the energy up.

Needing no introduction, Kitten Club kicked off the night with a selection of genres that immediately set the vibes high and helped people stay warm amongst all the frost. It didn’t take long before those who had arrived were on the dancefloor for a night of stomping. Kitten Club DJs APH and Esme Banks smashed their sets and successfully hyped everyone up for the celebrations ahead.

If you’re a keen festival-goer, you’ve most likely heard of the headliners for the night, Mad Apple Circus. Their beautiful blend of ska, hip hop and jazz was the perfect addition to the night and certainly added fire to the winter celebrations. 

An extremely lively performance made the entire room bounce and let loose, whilst still feeling quite intimate and creating a connection with the crowd that is only found at great live gigs. The switch up from the previous DJs to a live band like Mad Apple Circus created this festival atmosphere that Wake the Tiger knows so well, and enabled a beautiful crowd of all ages and tastes to come together and explore different genres.

As Mad Apple Circus finished their performance, the crowd were eager for more, which led to DJ Dazee getting an incredibly warm reception as she kicked off the last couple of hours with some good old jungle and drum and bass. From that point on, the Moonfrost had become an all out rave, something that never disappoints (especially in Meridia). 

Dazee, Euphonique and K Jah took turns on the decks, keeping the room full and happy with little effort all the way until the end, with the help of MC Frilla. The vibes never faltered, and it was incredible to have such a noteworthy lineup in a venue like Wake the Tiger, where you can get in touch with all of your senses for a truly magical experience that adds so much more to a live music event.

Their innovation and creativity that comes from creating nights like this is definitely something that Bristol needs, and has undoubtedly eased the transition into these colder months. Thank you Meridia!

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