Freestyle Bristol is a digital platform curated by young people, for young people. We are an unrestricted space promoting creators, innovators, activists etc. 

After the challenges of the last couple of years, we decided our mission would be to shine a light on what is happening in Bristol, to capture the stories and the (far too often) hidden talent that makes up this amazing city we call home. 

Freestyle Bristol, first and foremost, is the organisation producing this website which is explicitly aimed at and produced by young people. 

We want you to discover our collaborators by showcasing their work, giving enthusiasts a space to celebrate their interests in their own capacity, and champion the innovators and thinkers who are defying current adversities by refusing to let the pandemic hold back their ideas. 

We offer opportunities for young people to join us and hold workshops, events and projects for you to do so and meet like-minded people to collaborate with. As well as this, we will be providing regular information about job, training & other opportunities available to young people in Bristol. 

So far we have had the pleasure of making content with: thinkers, journalists, athletes, filmmakers, poets, photographers, models, stylists, musicians, presenters, animators, academics, theatre makers, and activists. 

This is an unrestricted space and we are always incubating new ideas. If you are aged 16-30 and are a creator in any capacity or you simply have something to say then why not get involved?

We Are Freestyle Bristol