Freestyle Finds

Freestyle Finds is a carefully curated a blend of the latest tracks from the internationally known to the Bristol underground. We find the new releases that stood out amongst the pile for us and share them with you. If you want to give us a heads up on tracks you’re releasing or listening to, let us know at We also welcome suggestions to look out for!

Freestyle Finds #008

This month’s playlist is full of bangers! We chose 30 of the best tunes blasting out of the office speakers this month, yes that’s one for every day in April. Included are the new tracks from Asher Simmons and Dash Villz, if you haven’t seen the interviews we did with them also this month you can find them in our “Read” section.

Freestyle Finds #007

As the days grow longer we bring you the sounds of our new playlist Freestyle Finds #7 a selection of the best new releases as chosen by our team.

Freestyle Finds #006

Freestyle Finds #6 eh, where do we even start!? Well… we thought it best to start with Bristol’s amazing Solo Jane, introducing February’s collection of great music.

Freestyle Finds #005

Presenting… Freestyle Finds 5! January’s always the month to come in all guns blazing, starting your new year strong. So that’s exactly what we did.

Freestyle Finds #004

Here we go! Freestyle Finds 4 is finally here! But be careful, its coming in hot! The last month of 2021’s playlist is packed full of bashing bars and saxophone licks that’ll make your drawers drop slowwwww.

Freestyle Finds #003

Here’s the 30 track selection of November, sharing what we thought were the cuts of the month! Bristol comes in strong, featuring SIX great new pieces from K*ners, Grove, Elliot Jr, Kwazi, Solo Jane and Raleigh Ritchie.

Freestyle Finds #002

Looking at the hottest tracks of October. We Bring you Freestyle Finds #2. Built for late night cruises and cold November days, this month features cuts from Bristol’s own K*ners, Miss Lisa and Sean McCabe, with international sprinklings from Oakk, Dj Vadim and BADBADNOTGOOD. Peace.

Freestyle Finds #001

Our first playlist comes in heavy with new tracks from Little Simz, Swindle and Bristol’s own Solo Jane. 1hour and 45 minutes of unadulterated rhythms. Peace.