Meet the Freestyle Bristol Team

Get to know the team behind the scenes with our first podcast series: Meet The Freestyle Bristol Team.

PODCASTS: Meet the FB Team #004 Cem w/ Anna
When Cem met Anna. Discussing her photography, her time at University and the impact Bristol has had on her. Here’s our 4th instalment of our Meet The Team Podcast!
PODCASTS: Meet the FB Team #003 Cem w/ Delroy
When Cem met Delroy. Cem questions Delroy on everything Freestyle Bristol for 2021. We find out what the OG's accomplished, what he's looking to accomplish and what motivates him to keep Freestyle Bristol fresh.
PODCASTS: Meet the FB Team #002 Delroy w/ Lauren
When Del met Lauren. Del, the founder and OG of Freestyle Bristol recruited Lauren to the cause over the summer. He was blown away on meeting her by her limitless energy and drive.
PODCASTS: Meet the FB Team #001 Cem w/ Lewis
When Cem met Lewis. So Cem Topuz and Lewis Daly joined the team with a view to developing their own podcasts. We suggested they get together to record a series of shows where we could introduce the people behind Freestyle …

Freestyle Bristol Specials

We speak to some of the city’s leading voices from arts & culture, business and more.

PODCAST: Joy Matthews talks to Laila McKenzie about ‘Lady of the House’
Joy talks to Laila McKenzie, manager of the Lakota nightclub, dance music entrepreneur and most recently co-author of the new book ‘Lady of the House’.